has a complete library of stock images that you can use to create composite images for slideshow graphics, inserting into website pages, and more. Not to mention access to a library of the highest quality automotive images anywhere, completely licensed, from Evox ImagesĀ®.

For a quick example on adding stock images, let's demonstrate building a custom slideshow graphic.

First, go to the Graphic Designer in the left navigation of your dealer website admin under graphic tools.

Click the New Design button. Then next, click the Background button. Set the Width to 700 pixels and the height to 275 pixels. This is the size of our medium sized standard slideshow.

Next, click the Stock Images button and the "Add Stock Image" file browser will open. You will notice that the files are organized by Category with sub levels.

Fr this demo, we are going to add a background image to start. So click the Backgrounds category, then Concrete. Next we will select an image. You will notice that the image has been added to the canvas but it is likely too small. When the image is first added, it is selected. If not, just select it by clicking directly on the image, or by clicking it's corresponding layer in the Design Layers palette.

With the image selected, one of the tool palettes that will open is Precision Controls. Under Precision Control change the width to 700 pixels. The height should changeautomatically, as the aspect ratio of the image is locked by default.

You can then click and drag the image anywhere on the canvas you like. You could also make the width a little wider than 700 pixels so that it can overlap the canvas on either side.

Alternatively, you can simply use the scaling tools as soon as the image is added to the canvas by clicking and dragging the image to scale it the desired size

Next, let's try adding a stock vehicle image. All of the vehicle images are located in a sub-category under "Vehicles". We are going to select a vehicle under "Sportscar" and add it to the canvas. Once added, it can be sized and positioned on the canvas.

There are a limited number of stock vehicle photos from Evox ImagesĀ® that have already been cropped and added to the graphics app stock image library. However, just let us know the Year, Make, Model, and Color that you are looking for and we will add it right away. You can also simply search for vehicle images at and the just let us know the exact Vehicle ID. All three angle photos, 3/4 front, 3/4 rear, and side view are already licensed for your use on your dealer website.

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