To edit text, clipart, and other elements, you can typically just click on the element that you want to edit directly. However, sometimes you will find that the element that you want to edit is obscured or behind another element. That is because each element, whether text or clipart, is in it's own layer and each layer is stacked over another.

You might also need to move an element to the front of the design or move an element behind another.

Managing and arranging these layers is done through the Design Layers palette. The Design Layers palette is on the left side of the work area, underneath the left side tool menu:

You can simply click on a layer to select the element for editing, or you can move the element to the front or back of the design by clicking the small blue arrows. For instance, if an element is behind another element and you want to move it to the front of the design (overlay all other elements), then click the small blue up arrow until it is the top most (1st) layer in the palette.

Deleting Design Elements

If you want to delete any element whether text or clipart, you must click the corresponding "X: on the right side of any element's layer. Clicking "Delete" on your keyboard will not work.

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