With the (watermark) Frame Designer from DealerWebsites.com, you can quickly edit or create from scratch stunning, professional watermark frames for your exported images on classified sites and Craigslist.

With the voluntary and involuntary syndication of car dealer inventory to 3rd party sites across the web, it is more important than ever that every photo of your vehicle inventory includes your dealership name, logo, phone number, web address, or better yet, all of the above. Many classified websites simply use your inventory to solicit leads that they then sell to other dealers. With an eye catching, watermark frame on your images, potential customers will visit your website rather than fill out the page form.

The Frame Designer app is located in the Graphic Tools section in the left navigation menu in your admin panel.

Please note that the Frame Designer App shares a similar toolset as the other apps. To learn how to add and edit text, shapes, clipart and more, please refer to the Graphics Tools / Basic Editing tutorials. However, the Frame Designer app does include some key differences over the other graphics apps.

You can open an editable stock frame template by clicking any of the templates in the "Stock Frames" tab. Yo can also create a new frame from scratch by clicking the "New Design" tab at the top of the application.

Let's start by clicking "New Design" at the top of the app and a new frame will open. Next we want to adjust the color, top height, bottom, height, shape, and width of the sides of the frame to our preference. To do that, click "Background".

One really unique feature of the frame builder is that it will automatically create 3 different frame sizes based on common camera aspect ratios. Our application will then always apply the correct watermark frame size, based on the aspect ratio of each individual photo. So, even if you switch cameras and use a different aspect ratio, all of your inventory photos will have the correct frame size added.

To make this work, you will notice a section in the middle of the frame labeled "Do not add graphics in this space". This is so that your graphics will not be cut off when your photos are using a wide format aspect ratio.

With that said, let's adjust the height of the top and bottom of the frame with the "Background" button. You will notice three sections of adjustments in the Background "Frame Properties" tool palette, Top Frame, Bottom Frame, and Side Frames. You will also notice a "Link" icon between the Top and Bottom frame section.

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