With the Graphic Designer from DealerWebsites.com, you can quickly edit or create from scratch stunning, professional graphics, slideshow images, and more for your car dealer website.

The Graphic Designer app is located in the Graphic Tools section in the left navigation menu in your admin panel.

Please note that the Graphic Designer App shares a similar toolset as the other apps. To learn how to add and edit text, shapes, clipart and more, please refer to the Graphics Tools / Basic Editing tutorials.

Any of the initial graphics used in your car dealer website can be directly edited by clicking "Open Design" at the top of the app, and then clicking the "My Saved Graphics" tab. You can also open stock graphics templates by clicking any of the templates in the "Stock Graphics" tab. You can also create a graphic from scratch by clicking the "New Design" tab at the top of the application.

Once you save a graphic, it will become available to both the Page Manager, for inserting into website pages, as well as the Slideshow Builder, for inserting into custom slideshows.

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