The Logo Designer app in your Dealer admin allows you to edit or create awesome logos for your car dealer website with many automotive specific elements. Add checkered flags, car shapes and more.

Please note that the Logo Designer App shares a similar toolset as the other apps. To learn how to add and edit text, shapes, clipart and more, please refer to the Graphics Tools / Basic Editing tutorials.

In the "Stock Images" library, under the "Logo Elements" sub-category, you will see many logo specific clipart and elements included specifically for car dealer logos such as car shapes, checkered flags, and more!

To get started, just click "Logo Designer" under "Graphics Tools" in the admin panel left menu. Once the Logo Designer launches, just click "Open Design" to see the currently available templates. We will be continually adding new stock logo templates as well.

Once you click a stock logo design, the editable logo template will open in the canvas. You can edit the logo and / or swap out text and elements. You can also create new designs from scratch by clicking the "New Design" button at the top of the app.

Once you save your logo, you will find your edited design in the "My Saved Logos" tab, where you can edit your design again anytime.

Your finished logo will automatically have a transparent background, which will allow it to easily be added to graphic headers , slideshow graphics, and watermark frames and blend into the background seamlessly.

Your logos will also be available for inserting into pages as a finished version of them will be stored in the My Saved Images folder when inserting graphics into pages.

When inserting your logo into graphics using the Graphic Designer or watermark frames using the Frame Designer, you will find your finished logo by clicking the "My Logos" button on any graphics app.

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