Click "Inventory Manager"

Click Add / Edit Vehicles

You will then see a list of any vehicles in the Inventory Manager.

Click "Add New Vehicle" at the top of the page

Once you click the "Add New Vehicle" button at the top of the Inventory Manager, a new page will open so you can start adding vehicle data. We have several functions to help you automate the process:

Here is the list of fields with a description / tips:

1. Not for sale: Check this box if the vehicle is not ready to be sold. This will keep the vehicle from appearing on the website and being exported to classified sites.

2. VehicleType: This field lists a vehicle type (Coupe, Crossover, Hatchback, etc.) and is a required field for some classified site exports.

3. TitleStatus": This field is to show where or not the vehicle has a clean title or not and is used as a required field for Craigslist and some exports.

4. Stock Number / REQUIRED FIELD: You should add a unique stock number for each vehicle with numbers and letters only. No spaces and no other characters.

5. Stored Date: This is for determining how long the vehicle has been for sale on your lot. It is also a required field for some exports. When clicking in the text field, a calendar will open to make entering the date easier.

6. VIN / REQUIRED FIELD: A 17 digit VIN should be entered. Once added, click the "Decode" button adjacent to the VIN on the right side of the page. For some vehicles, a pop up will open where you will have to select the correct vehicle type. The VIN decoder will add Year, Make, Model, Trim, Body Style, and Engine automatically.

7. Mileage: It is recommended that you add the proper vehicle mileage.

8. Price: This should be the Cash price you are asking for the vehicle.

9. Year REQUIRED FIELD (From VIN Decoder)

10. Make REQUIRED FIELD (From VIN Decoder)

11. Model REQUIRED FIELD (From VIN Decoder)

12. Trim (From VIN Decoder)

13. Body Style (From VIN Decoder)

14. Engine (From VIN Decoder)

15. No. of Cylinders: This field is used for some exports as well as the Craigslist posting tool.

16. Fuel: This field is used for some exports

17. You can enter a custom Transmission, however some exports (and Craigslist) use the exact transmission names listed in the dropdown menu so our recommendation is to use the dropdown menu.

18. Drive: This field is used for some exports

19. Exterior Color

20. Interior Color

21. Vehicle Status: If checked as "Sold", a Sold watermark will be added to the vehicle photos and they will not be included in any exports. However, they will still show on the website.

If checked as "Sale Pending", a Sale Pending watermark will be added to the vehicle photos and they will not be included in any exports. However, they will still show on the website. To clear the status of a vehicle and remove the Sold or Sale Pending watermarks, click the "Clear Status" button.

22. Features / Options: To make adding Feature and Installed Options easy, we include an editable list that you can manage, add items that you can simply check for other vehicles, arrange the list with common items like Air Conditioning and Power Steering in once section, and preselecting common items as default. We have a separate, detailed tutorial here.

To add Features, click the "Add Features" button to launch the editable list. We already include a list of common features that you can simply select / check and the click "Done" to add them to the list.

To add a new item to the list, simply enter it in the bottom text field labeled "Add New Feature" and then click the "Add Feature button to the right of the field. The item will still need to then be checked to add that specific feature.

To delete an Item from the list, simply click the red "X" that appears on the field when you hover over it.

To arrange items on the list, simply click and drag them to a new position.

To set the selected items as default for the next vehicles you are adding, just click the "Save Selections as Default" button at the bottom of the pop up Features menu.

23. Additional Features: If you need to add a feature or option for a specific field but do not want to include it in the editable list able, just add it to the Additional Features text field instead. Be sure to only include one option per line.

24. Comments: There are multiple ways to add Comments. It is recommended to use a combination of the different methods.

1. Simply type in the comments field. This is best for specific highlights of the vehicle.

2. Use Comments Builder. Just click the "Use Comment Builder" button to launch an editable list that works exactly the same way as the Features pop up menu (See above).

3. Add Default Comments. This is typically a short paragraph about your dealership, financing program, or other language that you wish to add to each vehicle comments. To edit the Default Comments, just edit it by going to "Settings" in the left navigation menu, and then clicking "Preferences". The Default Comments text editor is under the General Settings section.

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