Features / Options: To make adding Feature and Installed Options easy, we include an editable list that you can manage, add items that you can simply check for other vehicles, arrange the list with common items like Air Conditioning and Power Steering in once section, and preselecting common items as default.

Click the "Select Features" button

The editable Features Builder list will open.

Select a Stereo System

Check all of the Features / Installed options for the vehicle

Click the "Done" button

You can then see all of your selected Features / Options

To Edit the list, just click the "Select Features" button again.

You will then see all of the items you checked. You can then check / uncheck items to update your list.

To delete an unused Feature, just hover over the item, and then click the red "X" on the right

To add a new item, just type it in to the "Add a new feature" text field, then click "Add Feature"

To save all of your checked selections as default, just click the "Save selections as default" button.

When you open the Features Builder again when adding a new vehicle, the same features you already selected will then be automatically selected as well. This will allow you to avoid having to check commonly used items such as Air Conditioning, etc. each time. You can also drag / drop to arrange the items before saving the selections as default as well.

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