Serial number is the identification number that is assigned to specific products. This serial number is usually given to electronic products such as handphones, cameras, etc.

Our DealPOS system is able to create products with every stock of each item having its own unique serial number. It will be useful when you want to make warranty claims by checking the serial number. With the Serialized Type of Products, you can create an Electronic Product with a unique serial number on each stock (ex. Phones, Camera, Speakers, etc).

To create a Serialized Product Type, you can follow the steps below:

I. Create Product Serialized

Step 1. Go to Products and click Add

Add new product

Step 2. Fill the form, then select type "Serialized" on properties tab, and click Submit

Serialized Type

II. Input Serialized Product Inventory Manually

Step 1. Go to Buy Menu then input that Product with Serialized

Buy Serialized Product

Step 2. Input Serial number from the Product

Input Serial Number

Note: Here you must input the specific Serialized item.

III. Check and Update Serial Number

Click the barcode logo to edit the product serial number.

Check the Serial Number

Step 2. Check your serial updates if there are changes, Submit

Check the Serial Number

Create Serialized Product Type Tutorial Video

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