Beginning January 4, 2023 all software mining licenses must be hosted through D.E.B.T. Hosting, a third-party hosting service or on a computer. Below are instructions for making sure your licenses are hosted and continue mining.

  1. View your hosting

    1. Go to the Hosting tab on either the web or mobile application

    2. View your total licenses and where they are currently hosted. If any are unassigned you can click on Assign Licenses to assign them to a hosting method. Unassigned licenses will not mine.

  2. All newly purchased licenses will be assigned to DEBT Hosting by default. If you have any unassigned licenses that you choose to host with D.E.B.T., follow the steps below:

    1. Click the Assign Licenses button

    2. Select D.E.B.T. Hosting (click HOST)

    3. You will have the option to select your licenses individually or select all and assign them to D.E.B.T. Hosting

    4. You can then go back to the main Hosting page and see that your licenses have been assigned

  3. Next, Add Hosting Time

    1. There are 2 ways to host your licenses with D.E.B.T. Hosting

      1. You can purchase a VBOX which will give you enough credits to host 20 licenses per month. This is a one-time purchase that will automatically host up to 20 licenses per VBOX. No need to do anything else. Each account will need it's own VBOX, they cannot be shared.

        1. If you purchase enough VBOXs to cover all of your licenses, all you need to do is assign all of your licenses to D.E.B.T. Hosting, that's it!

        2. A VBOX cannot be shared between accounts. Merging accounts is not available.

      2. Or you can purchase hosting time directly at a cost equivalent to approximately $5 per license per month

        1. Click the plus on the main Hosting page and then select Add Hosting Time

        2. You will see options to exchange DEBT tokens for credits to host for the remainder of the month, the next 3 months, or for a full year. If you do not have DEBT tokens, use the swap feature in the Mobile App.

  4. Additional Hosting Options

    1. For hosting options other than D.E.B.T. Hosting, license owners may add one of the following:

      1. Desktop APP - This can be downloaded from the top right menu of your D.E.B.T. account, click "Download". Once you login to the Desktop app, a Desktop Box will be created and will show in your Hosting tab. You will then have the ability to assign or remove licenses to/from the Desktop Box from the Hosting page. The Desktop app allows you to host up to 1 license from each project. For example: 1 BGLD, 1 NATG and 1 GROW can be hosted in the Desktop App; 2 BGLDs cannot.

      2. Micro Box - Setting up and running your own licenses with the Micro Box can be done on any Ubuntu Linux based computer, either physical or virtual. Each Micro Box will host a single license. Many Micro Boxes can be setup and run like a cluster or farm of unique computers. Set them up first, and then assign licenses. Click on the plus button at the top right of the main Hosting page then click Add Micro Box and follow the instructions provided. For more details about third-party hosting specifications, please click Download from the Profile drop down and scroll down to the Micro Box section.

  5. Important things to note:

    1. Licenses can be removed from their current hosting methods at any time and assigned to any of the other options. Click on the Manage button to remove or assign licenses to a particular hosting method.

    2. All unassigned licenses will NOT mine.

    3. Licenses assigned to D.E.B.T. Hosting will only mine if there are enough credits to host all licenses that are currently assigned. Partial credits will not apply.

    4. Desktop and Micro Boxes must be connected to the internet to mine. Rewards will not be issued during down time.

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