You cannot send an account to Debt Collection if:

  • The invoice(s) is disputed by your customer

  • The invoice(s) is for Gym memberships, Childcare, or Rent.

  • The account is collectively less than $500.

How to move a debtor to Collect

  1. Log into Debtor Daddy.

  2. Find the debtor (within Accounts or Calls)

  3. Select the debtor, then

  4. Click 'Move to' and 'Collect'

We advise moving the whole of a debtors account to collect, rather than one or two invoices, as using debt collection may end the relationship.

IMPORTANT:  We do not start the debt collection process until you have signed the terms and conditions.

Accept the terms and send to debt collection

From the main menu click on Collect. The first time you do this you'll be asked to accept some terms and appoint us as your Commercial Agent so we can collect debts on your behalf.

Once you have accepted the terms, click to confirm the debts you want to send to debt collection.

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