To view your active accounts click the Accounts heading in the side bar menu.

Active accounts are accounts with overdue, or upcoming invoices.

Accounts are ordered by the highest to lowest amount due.

NB: The Accounts view will look different if you have activated the advanced filters.


Using the search bar you can locate accounts by searching for a name, email address, or even the invoice number.


At the top of the page beneath the Accounts heading, there are five tabs. Click on any of the tabs to see which contacts are in that segment.

  • All - All Contacts with invoices overdue or due soon

  • Pending - Contacts that are waiting for a manual action to be completed.
    E.g: manual reminder to be sent or a call to be completed.

  • Snoozed - Contacts that are waiting for their next scheduled reminder to be due. E.g: first reminder went out yesterday and next reminder isn't scheduled for another 6 days. OR the first reminder is due at 4 days overdue, but the debtors invoice is only 1 day overdue.

  • Idle - Contacts that don't have a next step.
    E.g they have reached the end of their workflow. OR they are assigned to a workflow with no reminders.

  • Paused - Contacts that have been manually paused


At the top right of your screen you will find filters.

Click on the filter and select from the options which drop down.

  • Workflow - Filter contacts by the workflow to which they are assigned

  • Next action - Filter contacts by their next action. E.g: call, SMS, or email

  • All invoices - Filter invoices by age. (These are segmented. So selecting +7days will show you invoices aged between 7 and 14 days overdue)

NB: The filters can build on each other. So you can filter for clients who are on your Standard Process, and have a SMS as their next reminder.

Actions and Changes

After using the tabs, the filters, or locating a specific client via the search bar you may want to make changes, or make an action on the account(s).

  • Select the relevant account(s) by checking the box to the left of their name(s) then

  • From the row above click the button to take action


  • Send now - Sends the next scheduled reminder

  • Pause and Resume - Pauses or Resumes any actions for the current invoices in the app

  • Change collector - Move the contact onto a new workflow
    Please note: the workflow will start from the beginning of the new workflow and does not apply to any new invoices issued for the contact.

  • Move to - Move the contact into call or to collect

  • ... - Add or remove expected payment dates, mutes and disputes, applies to the entire account. Read more about mutes and disputes here.

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