Your Receivables Specialist will be making calls on your behalf.

They will send you a Call Report after making your calls, this will contain all the details of the calls made and any other thoughts or recommendations they have about your account.

(When setting up your account you can nominate who should receive these Call reports)

See Below; The subject line calls attention to the need of phone numbers

See Below; The email explains what is needed and how to action it.
Click on one of the buttons at the bottom then,
Answer queries and click Resolve

Please be aware that Queries must be answered before we can keep calling.

If Queries are not resolved, the account will stay in 'Waiting' and your Receivables Specialist will not continue calling.

Other Notes;

If you have any other helpful information to add to an account.
Find the Account>
Click History>

Type Details>
Click Add Note

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