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We're seeking feedback from users on a new reports feature. There are two reports available, after switching on 'experimental features' you will be able to access them via hyperlinks on your dashboard.

Aged receivables report

The Aged Receivables report will be similar to the Aged Receivables report in your accounting software, but with some important differences:

  • You can see the current workflow e.g. Standard process, stop work, pre debt collection. This gives you an overall status of the account.

  • You can see the last note added against the contact. This shows you the last action taken by you or your team.

Activity report

The Activity report allows you to see what's happened for a specific time period. For example:

  • View a list of phone calls made last week

  • View replies to reminders since the 1st of the month

  • View disputes created (or resolved) this month

  • View contacts with updated contact details (Skip traced)

  • View contacts who had invoices resent

  • View who paused or resumed your account

You can filter activities by:

  • User

  • Contact

  • Specific date

  • Date range

    • To display activities for a date range. Click the first date, press shift on your keyboard while selecting the last date in the date range you want.

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