We believe hiring one of our Specialists is the best way to keep your receivables under control.

Pre-paid Credits
If your company only needs a few calls occasionally, read more about pre-paid call credits.

Subscription Credits

If your debtors require a 'squeaky wheel' approach then subscription credits are the best idea. Each month your subscription includes a block of credits that are charged when we make a successful call. These credits renew each month and are around 20% cheaper than pre-paid credits.

Account Billing (no credits)

Account based billing means you will never have to worry about topping up credits, and can rely on our consistency.

Account based billing also gives your Receivables Specialist more freedom to do the extra tasks necessary to get you paid, without it costing you extra credits.

The extra tasks include;

Skip tracing and updating contact details, calling multiple people within a company to track down the payment, resending invoices, processing payments on the debtors behalf, and monitoring payment plans.

We recommend account based billing for large companies, large debtor lists, and large problems.

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