To run ads through Deck’s Facebook integration you’ll need to set up your campaign to run political ads, create a business manager account, and make sure you have an up to date disclaimer for your political ads.

Next make sure you are an admin on your Facebook Page AND Business Manager. If you are not also a Business Manager admin you will be unable to link your Facebook page to Deck.

After you’ve completed these steps, you can link your Facebook page to Deck! You'll have to send a request to add Deck as an Ads partner, accept that request within your Facebook settings, link your disclaimer to Deck, and finally enter your credit card information. Remember Facebook is frustrating to use for everyone and if you get stuck, please reach out to

Linking your Facebook Page to Deck

First, navigate to one of the targeting pages for example Turnout, Persuade, or Fundraise. Then scroll to the Take action section and select Create a Facebook ad. Here you’ll be asked to login to your personal Facebook and select which Facebook page you want to link to Deck. Select the page you want and Deck will send a request to be added as an Ads Partner which will allow us to boost posts from your Facebook Page.

Please only send this request once you've finished setting up your Facebook Business Manager and have been verified to run political ads on Facebook.

If you don't see the page you would like to link to Deck pop up, click "Edit Settings" and select which page you would like to link to Deck.

Accepting the Request

After you’ve sent the request, navigate to your Facebook Business Manager and clicking the cog icon next to the name of your account in the left side drop down menu.

From your business settings select Request in the left side menu panel. Here you should see the partnership request.

You may have to visit your additional Business settings to view them.

If you don’t see an ads request, check that you are a Business Admin on your page’s Business Manager and your Business Manager is linked to your Facebook Page. Click Accept Request and give Deck access to run ads on your page.

If you still don’t see the request, try this alternative method. If neither method work, email us at to troubleshoot your issue.

Linking your Disclaimer to Deck

After you have linked your Facebook account to Deck, you’ll need to link your political disclaimer to Deck. This allows your disclaimer to be displayed on the ads Deck runs on your behalf.

  • Visit your Facebook page

  • Click "Professional Dashboard" in the left hand menu

  • Click "Page Acces" in the left-hand menu

  • Click "Issue, Electoral or Political Ads" in the left-hand menu

  • Your approved disclaimer should appear in the section entitled "Manage your disclaimers."

  • Click the "Change ad account" button that's next to it.

  • Enter Deck's ad account number (290769371910536) and hit return. It should now appear in the list of enabled ad accounts below.

  • If you don't see the Deck ad account number pop up below, try hitting "Enter" multiple times until the number populates below.

  • Click "Save" to confirm your change.

More details here under “United States” → “Link your ad accounts”

Finally you'll be asked to enter credit card information. To allow Deck to launch and manage Facebook ads, your campaign will first pay Deck and we then pay Facebook.

Now you're ready to run a Facebook ad! Learn more about boosting a Facebook ad here.

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