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How to export targets to Facebook as a Custom Audience
How to export targets to Facebook as a Custom Audience
A quick overview on how to get targets from Deck into Facebook as a Custom Audience [article]
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This will guide you through how to export a list of Deck targets into your Facebook Ads account as a "Custom Audience." This method will save your Deck list as an audience within your Ads Manager allowing you to configure an ad within Meta using a Deck list. This will enable you to use these lists for both Facebook and Instagram ads.

We will match people in your Deck list to their corresponding profiles. This option uses an exact match and does not create a lookalike audience.

Before you get started, make sure that you have a Facebook Business Manager and ad account. If you need help getting either of those setup, head here!

To select the audience that you want to export to Meta Ads Manager begin by selecting one of the targeting pages (Persaude, Turnout, Ect) and then configuring your audience. For more information on creating an audience see our best practice library here.

Under "Export your targets" select "Save your audience" in the "Create a Facebook Ads Custom Audience" section.

You will then be shown a pop-up list of the ad accounts you have access to. Select the ad account you wish to save the audience in and click "Next."

Then give your ads audience a name and click "Export." If you haven't exported a custom ads audience through Deck before you may need to grant us permission to do in a pop-up.

You are now ready to use this audience! To find your audience in Facebook go to Meta Business Manager. Then find "All Tools" in the left-hand menu.

Then click "Audiences" under the "Advertise" section. You may have to scroll down to find it.

Your exported audience will then appear in a list of audiences ready to use. If you can't see the audience verify you are in the correct ad account using the drop-down in the top right corner.

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