How to Boost a Facebook Post
This will guide you on how to turn a Facebook post into a targeted ad
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The following walk-through assumes that you have successfully linked your Deck account to Facebook. If you need any help linking your Deck account to your Facebook account, you can get help with the process here.

Boosting Facebook posts through Deck allows you to ensure that your campaign’s targets see a given Facebook post from your campaign’s Facebook page! This helps you get more out of your digital advertising while bypassing the confusing Facebook interface.

Boosting a post starts on one of the targeting tabs within Deck.

Then select the "Outreach method" you'd like, in this case we'd recommend "Digital ads."

Then you'll scroll down and select "Create a Facebook ad" under the "Take action" tab.

When you click "Choose a post" a feed of your Facebook posts will popup and you can select the post that you'd like to turn into an ad.

When you click "Configure Ad," you'll get taken to the below screen to set your ad settings.

The objectives that you have to choose from are the same as what you'd find in Facebook:

  • Awareness: The awareness objective optimizes for a special metric called "estimated ad recallers," which represents the number of people whom Facebook expects to remember having seen your ad after it runs. Learn more here.

  • Link Clicks: The link clicks objective attempts to maximize the number of people who click on the link attached to your post. Use this when your goal is to drive traffic to another website, e.g. for fundraising, volunteer signups, or voter registration.

  • Page Likes: The Page likes objective optimizes for increasing the number of people who like your Page and, potentially, the organic reach of content that you'll post in the future.

  • Post Engagement: The post engagement objective attempts to maximize the number of people who like, comment on, or share the post that you’re boosting.

  • Reach: The reach objective maximizes the number of unique people who will see your ad each day.

  • Video Views: The video views objective maximizes the number of "video thruplays" generated by your ad: someone watching 15+ seconds (or all) of your video. You can read more about the metric here.

Once you configure your ad, you'll have the opportunity to review the ad before running the ad.

Once you start running ads, Deck will show you what is currently running and what has run. If you want to find out more about the ad that you are running, you can select “more” in the “Results” column. It will give you the insights for that ad.

On the insights page, you will see all of the metrics tracked by Facebook. We will highlight the metric that you selected for the objective of the boosted post.

If you want to change the name or budget of your post or if you would like to pause your ad, click the pencil to the left of the ad name.

From the "Edit" page, you can also create another ad that uses the same targets, budget and post with the "Create another ad like this one..." button.

A few things to remember about this flow:

  • The minimum amount that you can boost a post for is $10

  • You can only boost a post that you have already posted on Facebook. You cannot create a new Facebook post through Deck.

  • You will not be able to see the performance of these boosted posts through your campaign’s Facebook Ad Manager. You will see the performance of the posts through the Deck interface.

  • 5% of the budget that you specify will be used to cover Deck's ads expenses

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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