Please make sure that an admin of your Facebook Business is completing these steps.

If you cannot see the Pending Partner request, try these steps.

  • Go to and click "Settings."

  • Then click "More Business Settings."

  • Click on "Partners" in the left navigation bar below "Users." Then click "Add" and "Give a partner access to your assets."

  • Enter the Deck Business ID (630824567731606) and select the name of your Page under the "Select Assets" section, then enable "Ads" under the "Task Access" section. Finally, click "Save Changes."

  • After you've completed these steps, go back to your Deck account and click "I've linked my Facebook page to Deck."

  • You'll then need to link your disclaimer to Deck following the instructions in this help article.

If these steps do not work, please reach out to

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