We designed Deck to help democratic campaigns make concrete and actionable plans. The plan tab lets you set a budget and your field goals as well. When I was working on state legislative campaigns, I always found doing budget allocation and goal setting to be tricky. That is why Deck has developed this tool to make planning easier for you.

First select your tactics for outreach and marketing. Then you can set your budget.

Deck breaks down your field budget into allocations by our three universes: Persuasion, Registration, and Turnout, and by the tactics you select. Deck also gives you an estimate of how many votes you'll gain with your budget.

Last, Deck gives you field goals for each in tactic. You can explore your outreach goals by universe here.

Deck uses research from the Analyst institute to pre-set our assumptions about how effective tactics will be and how much they will cost. If you want to update our assumptions you can do so under the "Update Assumptions" tab.

You can also save your plan too under "manager your plans."

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