This article will walk you through how to pull ballot request, chase, and cure lists using Deck's vote-by-mail models.

Deck's ballot page gives you a high level overview of ballot requests and returns in your district. We also break down ballot requests and returns by who we think are your supporters.

Next you can use the VBM request, chase, and cure features to run targeted lists. VBM request is a list of people who Deck predicts are your supporters and are likely to vote-by-mail but haven't requested a ballot yet.

VBM Chase is a list of your supporters who Deck predicts may return their ballot late or haven't returned their ballot yet.

VBM Cure is a list of your supporters who have had their ballots rejected, or Deck predicts are likely to.

Finally you can use Deck's vote-by-mail scores in your other lists as well. Deck automatically filters out people who haven already voted, but you can filter your persuasion and turnout lists by request, chase, and curing targets as well.

In your turnout or persuasion list, first select show filters.

Then select vote-by-mail/early vote under filters

Then select which of our four VBM groups you would like to target within your larger list.

To use your lists simply export to Votebuilder or Facebook just like you would any other list.

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