Deck's turnout list is a combination of our support and turnout scores. We analyze the distribution of scores in your district and create preset turnout targets who are likely to be your supporters, but will need a reminder to vote. Remember, your turnout targets don't include likely voters because they are already going to vote and don't need a reminder from your campaign. In this article I'll go over some general recommendations for how to turnout voters with Deck. Each district and each strategy will be different so these are more general recommendations. You should customize your Deck usage to what works for you!

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Creating a List

Using Outreach Method

Before editing any other fields in Deck, be sure to select your contact method first. If you create a list and then change the contact method, your edits will be reset. By choosing your contact method, Deck will automatically edit our contactability model's found at the bottom of our filters. To see all filter click "Show filters" found below the outreach method buttons. Selecting mail for example will narrow to people more likely to have a correct address. Selecting text will narrow to people more likely to have a correct mobile phone number and less likely to unsubscribe from a message. Selecting a contact method like text will help your GOTV texting volunteers spend more time talking to voters and less time marking wrong numbers.

You can also use our contactability model to remove likely incorrect addresses or phones from an existing list by selecting voters with a high likelihood of having an incorrect phone or address, saving the list to Votebuilder, and then editing your universe by removing the Deck list in Votebuilder. This will ensure you're existing lists are the best possible lists.

Using Deck's Scores

Deck creates a big list of every turnout target in your district. But you'll want to create different turnout lists based on tactics, tiers, and demographics. To narrow Deck's list, use Deck's scores to create tier one, two, and three turnout outreach. Tier one outreach might look like voters with the highest support score and a medium turnout score. You can adjust scores to find tiers that work for the capacity your campaign has.

You can also filter by score by scroll to the bottom of Deck's filters and editing the list by size directly. Click the pencil icon next to the number of people in your list. Under this icon you can shrink the size of your list by a specific metric. For example, if you select turnout and cut your list in half, Deck will sort your list to find the people most likely to vote.

One good way to use these scores is to narrow the support range to only voters most likely to support your campaign and then shrink your list by turnout score to the size you want for your outreach tactic.

Using Demographics

You can also edit your Deck lists by demographic. You can put together turnout lists for volunteers of different demographics. Say, for example, you are endorsed by an issue group like Planned Parenthood or had a group of women volunteers excited to talk about child care. For this group you could create a turnout phone or text bank of women. You can target turnout outreach for your volunteers based on the demographic groups they are interested in addressing. Learn more about targeting outreach by demographics here.

Using Voting Records

You can also filter your turnout lists by voting method and history. You can filter by past voting method to target people who voted in a specific election or by partisanship. Maybe you've been endorsed by an elected official who won a 2020 primary. You create a mail list in Deck of your turnout targets that voted in the 2020 primary and send them mail with that endorsement. Or launch a digital ad by boosting a video with the other elected official to your turnout list.

Deck also has vote-by-mail targets. You turnout lists will automatically be edited to remove people who have already voted, but if you want to do specific vote-by-mail outreach to remind people to request and return ballots, learn more about Deck's Ballots tool here.

Using the digital ads tool

You can always boost digital ads to your selected universe using Deck's digital ads tool. Learn more about how to launch a digital ad here. Remember you need a list of at least 1,000 people to launch a digital ad. Get help setting up you Facebook integration here.

Using Votebuilder

You can also export lists to Votebuilder by going to the export tab at the bottom of your Deck list. Deck will ask you to save a list into a Votebuilder folder with access to the Deck API. From Votebuilder you can build your text, walk, knock, or call lists and export the list for other vendors. Set up your Votebuilder integration here.

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