Right now your campaign can only use Deck's registration data to run Facebook ads because all data exports go through Votebuilder, which only has registered voters! We are working on building a way for you to export these lists, but for the moment you can still run registration ads.

You can filter Deck's registration data by our support scores and demographics to target unregistered voters who are likely to support you. Our same recommendation for filtering turnout targets by scores and demographics apply, so learn more here.

After you've filtered to a list of your potential supporters you'd like to register, you can boost a post to those unregistered voters.

Launching a registration ad

Create a post on your Facebook page about registering to vote. Include a link to either your states online voter registration portal or information about registering to vote. Remember, digital ads with a video or picture of your candidate will increase ad engagement. Learn more about digital ad best practices here.

After creating your Facebook post, go to Deck's registration universe and go to Advertise. After selecting your registration post, change the Ad objective to Link Clicks to ensure Facebook works to maximize the number of people who click on the link, which sends them to info about registering to vote. Deck also supports ads in Spanish.

After configuring your ad, click review ad and then create ad to place your ad on the Facebook pages of unregistered voters.

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