Deck's organize list is a combination of our support and turnout score. We analyze the distribution of scores in your district to create a list of voters who are likely to support you and likely to turnout to vote. These are people who are likely to support your campaign and to be politically involved, but it is not a list of supporters your campaign has identified. People in this organizing list may not have heard of your campaign yet! In this article I'll go over some best practices for how to use this list to help grow your campaign. Remember every district and campaign is different!

In general your campaign will recruit the most reliable volunteers through personal networks. It is difficult to organize volunteers for phone banking and canvassing by cold calling alone. But the organizing list can be really helpful to invite people to events, grow your email list, or other low lift volunteer asks. Once you get people involved in your campaign at a lower level, you can move volunteers up the ladder of engagement to larger asks like joining a text or phone bank.

Use Deck's organizing list to run a digital ad asking people to join an email list. Or export a texting list to Votebuilder and ask voters to attend an event. You can also emphasize specific issues in these asks and target different demographic groups. For example, you could advertise your campaign's stance on student loan debt cancelation to a list of young voters asking them to sign up for updates. Or text women about an event or panel your campaign is doing with a reproductive justice group. Use the organize list to create a targeted universe to make these asks.

Choosing Your Tactic

Start creating your Deck list by selecting your tactic. Remember to select your tactic before configuring your list because if you change tactics after making adjustments to the filters, they will revert to presets. Select your tactic based on what you are going to do with your organizing list. Are you going to send these targets a text, digital ad, or mail?

Using Scores

First, click show filters under Deck creates a list of potential targets for organizing in your district. This list might be too big for your digital ad spend budget or to contact by hand. You can shrink your list in one of two ways, first by narrowing the existing support and turnout scores under Modeled Scores to create a more narrow range.

The second option is to scroll to the bottom of the filters and click the pencil icon next to the number of people in your list. Under this icon you can shrink the size of your list by a specific metric. For example, if you select turnout and cut your list in half, Deck will sort your list to find the people most likely to vote.

One good way to use these scores is to narrow the support range to only voters most likely to support your campaign and then shrink your list by turnout score to the size you want for your outreach tactic.

Using Demographics

Deck allows you to filter results by demographic to create organizing asks for people based on their demographic group. For example, you could create an ad about canceling student debt and target your more involved potential supporters under the age of 30.

After creating your list, export to Votebuilder or Facebook to put your list to work!

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