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How to Integrate Deck with VAN
How to Integrate Deck with VAN
Step-by-step instructions to set up your VAN integration
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The steps to integrate your Deck account with VoteBuilder are:

An API key is a string of characters that allows Deck to communicate with your specific VoteBuilder account and save your lists in VoteBuilder securely.

This process, while slightly long, should be pretty easy. If you run into any issues setting up your integration, book a one-on-one support session with the support team here!

Step 1: Generating Your API Key

In VoteBuilder, using the left panel, search for "API Integrations."

From the API Integrations page of VoteBuilder, you'll see all your API keys, if you have them, and from this page, you'll be able to request a new API key.

On the upper right side of the integrations page, click the "Request an API Key" button.

In this flow, search for "Deck Tools" in the Integrations drop-down selector. It should auto-populate for you as you search. When you've selected Deck Tools, submit the request.

If you are not an admin of your VoteBuilder account, you may need your admin or state data director or voter file manager to approve it. Typically, API keys are approved very quickly.

If you have any questions about API keys and VoteBuilder, reach out to your state party's voter file manager or data director.

Step 2: Adding your VoteBuilder API Key into Deck

To associate your VoteBuilder API key to your Deck account, go to your campaign's settings page on the Deck website. This is accessed through the settings gear menu in the upper right side of the screen.

Select "Integrations" from the left-hand panel. The top of the Integrations page will show a Credentials panel.

You will copy and paste your API key from VoteBuilder into the space given for the key in Deck and save it.

Step 3: Creating a Folder In VoteBuilder to Save Your Deck Lists

After you generate an API key and associate it with your Deck account, there is one final step to complete before you can save lists directly to VoteBuilder. You will need to go to My Folders in VoteBuilder to create a folder for the Deck exports to get saved into. Again, you can search for it in the left side menu.

In My Folders, create a new folder and name it whatever you see fit for your Deck exports.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to allow the API to save into the folder. This setting is what allows Deck to see that this folder exists. The screenshot below shows what the folder settings should look like.

Finally, you need to add the Deck API as a user for this folder. After you save the folder, you can add and remove users with access. In the "User Access" dialog box, select the Deck API as a user and click add to allow Deck to make edits to the folder. Save the folder and you should be all set.

Now, whenever you go to one of the targeting pages on Deck to select a universe, you'll be able to export your list directly into VoteBuilder!

Common Problems

I don't see the "Allow the API to save into this folder" button.

Make sure that the "Allow other users to save into this folder" button is selected. If that button is selected and you still do not see the "Allow the API to save into this folder" button, you do not have the necessary VoteBuilder permissions. Have your campaign admin try to create the folder.

If even your VAN admin is unable to see the "Allow the API to save into this folder" option, please contact and your state party VAN admin.

I have selected the "Allow the API to save into this folder" button but exports still aren't working.

Make sure that you've added the Deck API user as a user that is allowed to save into the folder.

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