At Deck we've introduced a new feature to automatically suggest a budget for your Facebook audience. We've analyzed data from campaigns running thousands of ads on Deck to determine best practices for reaching your audience. You can always enter a custom budget by clicking Change next to the budget amount. This will allow you to enter your own budget. The minimum buy for a digital ad is $10.

Deck automatically populates a recommended budget based on your list size and objective. We optimize to create a balance between reach, cost efficacy, and number of impressions. We created this recommended budget feature after questions from users about how much to spend on their digital ads.

The goal of this budget is to reach a significant portion of your audience multiple times. We find its more effective to spend more on a few digital ads as opposed to launching more small budget ads to the same audience.

If you are curious about best practices for digital ads, check out our blog post here for more information.

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