You'll need to be verified to run political ads on Facebook before your campaign can use Deck's integration. Getting verified is a tricky process, but worth it. Here is Facebook's guide to getting verified to run political ads, but we've put together our own with step by step instructions as well.

Set up Business Manager

Before you begin make sure you are an admin on your Facebook page and have set up your Business manager and Ad Account. If you haven't set up your campaign's Business Manager account, which is separate from a Facebook account, follow our step by step instructions found here. If you cannot see Business Settings in your Business Manager account you'll need to first create a Business Manager.

To begin navigate to your Facebook page. Next find "Professional Dashboard" in the left hand menu. Then find "Page Access" in the left hand menu. Finally click "Issue, Electoral, and Political ads" to begin the process. Then select the United States as your country. This will open your verification process check list like the one below. You'll then need to move through each step. We have some tips and tricks listed below.

Confirm your identity

Click "Get started" to begin the process of verifying your identity on Facebook.

Sometime when you click “Get started” Facebook will tell you your identity is already confirmed. For me the Facebook Issues, Electoral, and Political ads section tells me I need to confirm my identity, but when I click "Get started" Facebook tells me identity is already confirmed. I'll still need to confirm my identity again though to run political ads.

To confirm your identity you'll need to enter your mailing address. Facebook will then send you a physical piece of mail with a confirmation code to enter to confirm your mailing address. This can take several days, so plan ahead! You'll then have to upload a photo of your US ID. After both of these steps have been completed you've finished verifying your identity!

Create and Link your Disclaimer

After your identity has been confirmed you can create a disclaimer which shows what organization is creating the ad. Facebook has this instructional video about how to create a disclaimer. Its important to remember that the purpose of a disclaimer is to verify that your campaign is a real organization so Facebook is looking to find the information you share in external sources.

There are two types of disclaimers most campaigns will use: tax-registered organizations with an EIN or Other.

If your campaign has an EIN you can follow the steps Facebook gives to create your disclaimer. Make sure there is an accurate and up to date phone number and address on your EIN. You'll need to verify that phone number by receiving a call and entering a confirmation code. If you can't receive phone calls at the number listed on your EIN you should use the "Other" option to go through the verification process.

Facebook has a guide to common errors you might encounter when creating a disclaimer. Remember to read your error carefully.

Here are some common mistakes people make when setting up a disclaimer:

  1. Not having an email address with the same domain name as your website. In order to be verified as a business you'll need to enter an email with the same domain name as your website. For example my company's website is, so I would need an email You can create a domain emails for your website through the company that hosts your website.

  2. Not having an official document: You'll need a document that shows your campaign name, address, and phone number. Here is a list of acceptable documents from Facebook. If you don't have an official document you should chose the 4th option "Other" to create a disclaimer.

  3. Not having all your information match: When you upload a document for your campaign you'll need to double check the information in the document matches the information you've entered for your Business.

  4. It's just not working: The most frustrating thing for campaigns is when you've entered all the correct information and double checked it and Facebook won't accept your disclaimer. This happens and sometimes if you do not receive a detailed error you should just try again.

After your disclaimer has been approved you'll need to link it to your ad account. Here is a guide to finding your ad account ID number.

Assign who is responsible for the page

After you've created and linked your disclaimer you must then claim responsibility for the page. Choose an existing page admin to be the owner of the page.

After you've completed these steps you should be all set to run political ads on Facebook! I hear from lots of candidates who struggle with this process. If you run into any errors send us a message at We've helped lots of candidates through this process and can help you.

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