If you're the happy owner of one of the DeHive cluster you can proceed to reading the instruction on how to start getting yield. If no, first check out on how to launch you first cluster.

In order to stake the cluster and start getting yield:

1. Go to https://app.dehive.finance/
2. Move to Earn section in the sidebar
3. Find out among all earning tools the cluster you want to stake
4. Press Stake button and see the modal window of cluster staking
5. When the modal window opened you need to enable the desired amount of cluster token and approve the transaction in MetaMask

6. Once you receive the notification "Approval successful", you can finally stake your cluster

šŸ„³CONGRATULATIONS! You successfully staked Cluster!šŸ„³

7. Once the cluster is staked you can check your rewards from stake here and see the amount of locked funds as well.

*Don't forget about staking DHV first: 3% of cluster amount to be able to stake cluster

!This rule works for Clusters in Polygon network!

Here's one more way to stake cluster:

1. Go to Clusters section in side bar
2. Click on Cluster details

3. Then you'll next to Join/Leave Cluster button: Stake button
4. Press on it and repeat the above actions from point 5

Another way to stake cluster:

1. Go to Portfolio section in the side bar
2. Scroll to Assets section and you'll see the stake button
3. Press on it and repeat the above actions from point 5

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