What is the Stables tool?

Stables are stable DeFi instruments created by the DeHive team. For now, there are high-yield stable Cluster pools and Impulses that will help you optimize returns and maximize your profit even at times of the market recession.

Main benefits:

  • Receive stable passive income even during high market fluctuations and recession.

  • Get automatic compound interest on staking your stablecoins – all with just one button.

  • Optimize your returns on stablecoins and get stable profit at all times.

How to use Stables

1) Connect your wallet and select the necessary chain at the top right corner of the screen.

2) Choose a pool and make sure you have stable assets that you'd like to stake in your wallet. Enter the amount you'd like to stake and click the Enable button.

Please note that you can stake all coins in the pool at once, choose only one of them, or any combination.

3) As you enable staking, click the Stake button.

4) When you stake you assets, you'll activate the automatic compounding and receive a confirmation.

5) Voila! Now you can sit back and relax because you will get automatic compound interest on your stablecoins.

6) You can withdraw your assets from the pool anytime in any token along with all accumulated rewards. To do this, click the Unstake button.

Please note that as you decide to leave the Europool Stable, you’ll need to pay a commission of 0.3% in the stablecoin you are unstaking.

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