If you’re not seeing your orders populate in the Deliverr Seller Portal for us to fulfill and you’re using Shopify as a integration, please check the following before reaching out to our Support team:

1. Check to see if the order appears in Shopify.

You can do this by navigating to the left hand menu under “Orders”. If the order doesn’t appear, please reach out to Shopify’s Support team before checking the steps below.

2. Set Fulfillment Service to “Deliverr” as shown below.

If not, do this right away so Deliverr can track your variant’s inventory.


3. Make sure that Auto-Fulfillment is turned on.

To turn Auto-fulfillment on, login to your Shopify account, click Settings → Checkout → Order Processing. Under “After an order has been paid”, select “Automatically fulfill the order’s line items”, as shown in the screenshot below:


4. Still not seeing the order in Deliverr?

Please reach out to the Deliverr Support Team with screenshots of what you’re seeing in Shopify along with any relevant SKU names or Order numbers so that our team can look into the issue.

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