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About Google Earth and the Delve Preview
FAQ on Google Earth and the Delve preview
FAQ on Google Earth and the Delve preview

Learn more about the Delve product integration with Google Earth

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Joined the preview? Want to learn more? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How long does the preview last?

Your free preview will last for 60 days. You will be notified periodically when logged into your Delve account to let you know when the deadline is approaching.

What happens when my preview ends?

While you’ll no longer be able to generate new designs, you’ll still have access to your account and be able to view your sites until 30 days after your preview ends. You’ll also have the option to stay in touch and receive future updates.

What if I want to share feedback, have questions or need to report an issue with the preview?

We’d love to hear from you! Please submit the Google Form here.

What if I want to delete my account or no longer want to receive information regarding the preview?

Please email earth-delve-preview@ with your request.

What if I have general questions about Delve and how it works?

Please start by taking a look at the navigation video here and submit the Google Form here if you need additional support.

How will I benefit from using the Delve integration within Google Earth?

Delve and Earth enables you to make quick, data-driven decisions that change and decarbonize the built environment — through site selection, design generation, analysis, and detailed visualization; in order to get more sustainable projects built within your top priorities, all within a unified product experience.

How does Delve account for my sustainability goals?

Read more about how Delve measures and supports more sustainable decision making within your projects here.

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