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How can I subscribe to an Organization plan?
How can I subscribe to an Organization plan?


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To subscribe to an Organization plan, please open the Organization’s Settings page. You can access this page by going to “Organizations” > selecting Organization > clicking “Settings” button on the top right of the Organization’s details page.

On Organization’s Settings page, select “Current Plan” from the menu.

The pages to apply for plans differ depending on the selected payment method.

Please follow the instructions below for each one.

For details on selectable payment methods, please check the below link.

For Credit Card Payment

“Organization plans” section will have a “Choose plan” button for each plan - Startup, Business, and Large Business as in the image below.

Please select the desired plan to proceed to the registration page. On the registration page, please input required information and submit. The selected plan may apply to your Organization after this process.

For Invoice Payment

Please review the following page.

If “Choose plan” button is grayed out

Please review the following link.

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