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How to Get Started with Enterprise Trial (Operation Guide)
How to Get Started with Enterprise Trial (Operation Guide)


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Account Registration

If you registered a brand new email address as an Enterprise owner

If you wish to subscribe to Enterprise, you will receive an invitation email from DeployGate within one business day. Please click on the link to register, and press the Join button to set the account name and password. Once finished, your registration will be complete.

If the registered email address as an Enterprise owner is already existed in DeployGate

No invitation emails are sent.Please access Enterprise Admin Console.

For an account that is an Enterprise administrator, the Enterprise appears in the profile menu on the upper right. Access Enterprise Admin Console from here:

Issue User Invitations

Now, let's add enterprise users. Open the user administration screen from Enterprise Admin Console. Add users from "Add new users" in the upper right corner of the user list. Invite users by their email address or DeployGate username. If the user already has an account, it will take effect immediately. If the user does not have an account, an invitation will be sent. If applicable, you can set new users’ names at this time. Repeat these steps as necessary. Invited users are displayed on the list by e-mail address, and organizations and teams can be allocated at this time.

Create Organizations and Assign Users

Creating an organization:

An Organization can manage multiple applications and multiple users. It can be created for each project, application, and/or company department, based on a company’s needs. By creating teams within an organization, you can manage permissions on an application/team basis, such as adding/deleting members and updating applications. From the Organization management screen, press the “New” button. Enter an Organization name and an overview of the Organization (optional). Organization names can only be single-byte alphanumeric characters, and names cannot be changed. After creating an Organization, continue to member management. Select members by clicking on "Add members." Within each organization, you can assign each member as an "owner" or a "user." Owners can upload applications and manage members within an organization. Owners can also add other Enterprise users to the organization, allowing for the allocation of individuals based on project requirements.

Upload Applications

Now that the Organization is ready, let's upload an application. From the Organization list, click on the icon to the right of the Organization’s name. Select the "Upload" button on the organization’s top screen. After selecting the upload button, distribute the application according to the instructions.

Organization Teams

It’s easier to create teams if you start by placing all users on an Owners team. As your needs become more specific, you can create additional teams as necessary.

  • If you want to restrict access rights to the application, you can create new teams that only have limited permissions. Assign people and applications to these teams to restrict their access.

  • If you want to have a set of users who can update applications but do not want them to have member management permissions or the ability for them to create or delete apps, you can create a dedicated team for developers as a Developers team.

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