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How to avoid receiving app update emails?
How to avoid receiving app update emails?

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DeployGate sends update notification emails when iOS app upload. Here we explain how to stop these update notifications from both the developer side and the tester side.

From the tester's side

For apps installed from the distribution page

If the app is installed from the distribution page (without creating a DeployGate account), the setting can be updated via the notification setting of each application. You can distinguish if the app is installed from the distribution page by a comment icon displayed on the application list.

You can stop the update notifications by tapping the application and pressing the "Turn Notifications Off" button at the bottom of the page.

If there are multiple applications, repeat the settings for each application.

When you are added as a tester of groups or apps

When you are logged in with your DeployGate account, you can turn notifications on or off at once for the applications and the distribution page respectively.

Open Account Settings → Email Notification and change the preferences.

From the developer's side

Every time you upload an app, you can choose whether or not to send notification emails.

Alternatively, you can use the disable_notify parameter with the Push API to control the behavior.

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