The procedure for changing the payment method from PayPal to a credit card is as follows.

Important point

When switching from PayPal payment to credit card payment, there is a possibility that DeployGate cannot be used for several minutes.

Change procedure

  1. Please send an email to or contact us by inquiry form.
    Inquiry form:

    Please include the following information in the email when making the inquiry.
    · User name or group name to switch payment method
    · Currently used plan
    · Currency used for settlement (supports USD and JPY)
    · Name of the contractor (In case of group use The company name)
    · Country name
    · Postal code
    · E-mail address to receive notice about payment and receipt (It is also possible to specify more than one)

  2. The DeployGate support team will make the change from PayPal payment to credit card payment.
    When the change is completed, you will be notified by an email.

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