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DeployGate ​​periodically deletes accounts that haven’t been used.

The purpose of this deletion is twofold:

  • To lower the risk of security incidents, such as fraudulent access targeting inactive old accounts

  • To run services more smoothly, allowing for the retention of uploaded apps/data and reducing costs for data migration

Accounts are subject to deletion if those meet any of the following conditions:

  • Free user account without activity (logging in or uploading/downloading apps) for more than one year

  • Expired User/Organization/Flexible/Enterprise accounts for more than one year after plan expiration/contract date/last date payment failed

※Even after a paid plan expires, DeployGate maintains the accounts and data so that customers can easily reactivate their accounts. Once the retention period ends, we will delete these accounts and associated data sequentially. If you would like to remove your data during the retention period, you can delete your account manually at any time.

※In the case of Personal Pro, once you unsubscribe from Personal Pro, your account would turn to Personal Free, and it will follow the policy of the deletion of inactive accounts as Free user accounts.

A notification email will be sent one month before an account is deleted.

You can prevent account deletion by taking actions noted below and making the account active again.

Continue to use Free user accounts

Log in to your DeployGate account. Please make sure that it is the same account that received the notification email.

Continue to use Organization accounts

Subscribe to a paid plan (Startup/Business/Large Business) again. For more details, please visit the following link.

Additionally, it might be possible to extend the data retention period by contacting Customer Support.

Continue to use Workspace accounts (Flexible/Enterprise Plan)

Contact Customer Support to extend the data retention period.

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