When you try to install the DeployGate app, the following message appears: ”Looks like another app is blocking access to Google Play. Turn off any apps that might be drawing over the screen and try again.”


As part of Google Play’s security measures, if an app displays as an overlay on the screen, you cannot install other apps. These are examples of apps that may cause the message to appear.

  • Blue light filter

  • Battery percentage display

  • Overlay-type app launchers

If you can identify the apps that may be responsible, please terminate them and reinstall the DeployGate app.

If you cannot identify the apps, please go to your device’s “Settings” > “Apps” > “Advanced settings” > “Special app access” > ”Display over other apps” and see which apps show “allowed” on the list. After changing these apps to “not allowed,” reinstall the DeployGate app.

(Note: Depending on your device and operating system, these steps might differ. For example, your device may not have an “Advanced Settings” section.)

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