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How do I make the app's icon appears correctly?
How do I make the app's icon appears correctly?
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The app icon doesn’t appear on the distribution page

If the app icon isn’t displayed on DeployGate’s distribution page, please confirm that the revision has been updated and correctly reflects the app to be distributed.

The icon selected during this step will be displayed on DeployGate.

Please visit the following page for information on how to update distributed app’s revisions.

The Android app icon doesn’t appear on DeployGate

If you are using an Adaptive Icon for your Android app in Android O or earlier, please make sure that the fallback icon is a png image file.

Currently, DeployGate only accepts png files for fallback icons. Other file types (e.g. webp or vector drawable) are not supported.

While we are planning to eventually support other file formats, we do not have a timeline or even an estimated completion date. Thank you for your understanding.

Additionally, when checking compatibility, please ensure that icons are displayed correctly on devices with API 22-26.

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