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How do I choose a plan?
How do I choose a plan?
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This information is for potential customers considering a plan on or the release of the Flexible Plan.
To accompany the release of the Flexible Plan, we have stopped accepting new applications for the Organization Plan (Startup, Business, Large Business).

After the release of the Flexible Plan, please consider applying Flexible Plan or Enterprise Plan and click here for more details.

DeployGate offers three plan types: Individual Plan (free), Flexible Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

Individual Plan (for personal use)

The Individual Plan is for personal use by three or fewer members. It is free to use, so you can use it as a trial while you consider other plans. If you’re having difficulty choosing a plan, start by selecting the Individual Plan.

Enterprise Plan (for large organizations)

The Enterprise Plan has the following extra features that many corporations and organizations require.

  1. Management of more than 50 members (Minimum contract requirement is 20)

  2. Company-wide account management using Single Sign-On

  3. Comprehensive permissions management

  4. Unlimited audit log retention period

  5. Security checklist availability, which may be required for security audits

  6. Priority customer support

Visit here ( for more details

The Enterprise Plan offers a free, 45-day trial period.

Flexible Plan (for businesses)

The Flexible Plan is for small- to medium-sized developers (with 49 individuals or fewer) who don’t require the additional features of the Enterprise Plan.

If you have questions about selecting a plan or using our services, please contact the DeployGate customer support desk at

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