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You may be asked to "Please Login" each time you use the Add to DesignFiles browser clipper. If so, this indicates that your browser isn't allowing third-party cookies to be used. 

The easiest fix is to add an exception for Here's how you can do this on several popular browsers: 

Safari (for Mac, and for iOS)

  1. Open the "Preferences" nav option (on Safari), then selecting the "Privacy icon".

  2. Un-check "Prevent cross-site tracking".

  3. Then Click "Manage Website Data..." button.

  4. You can then select the '' site and click the Remove button.
    There's a search field you can use to track down individual sites.

  5. Then login here >>

  6. Then visit this example product page > (opened in new tab)

  7. If step 6 was successful - refresh the page you were trying to clip from and click the 'Add to DesignFiles' action again. Are you still logged in?

Google Chrome

  1. Go to the More Menu (the 3 dots in the top right-corner), select Settings, and click the "Show advanced settings" link at the bottom

  2. Click the Content Settings button

  3. In the Cookies section, click the Manage Exceptions button, and add to the list


  1. Go to the Firefox Preferences/Options

  2. Go to the Privacy tab

  3. Under the History section, click the Exceptions… button

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