Do I need a website to use DesignFiles?
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While you can get started with your DesignFiles account you will want to set up a website. 

Your website will be one of your main marketing channels to drive in jobs and introduce potential clients to you and your business. It should include:

  • A page about you and what you have to offer

  • A page outlining the various services you provide and what's included

  • Your portfolio - If you are just getting started you can include your best moodboard designs

  • A contact page with your contact details. 

Your DesignFiles account acts more like a client portal where you can invite a client in to discuss and review a project. 

It does come with links that you can use to link up your social channels and your website to direct potential clients to your DesignFiles account to either "request a consultation and fill out the questionnaire" or "purchase a design package". 

If you currently have clients you can always direct them right to your DesignFiles account to kick start a project with you by emailing them a direct link.

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