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Setting Up the QuickBooks Online Integration
Setting Up the QuickBooks Online Integration
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In this article, you will learn how to integrate DesignFiles to your Intuit QuickBooks account to sync your invoices + payment details automatically.

  1. Find and click the Account Menu and select Settings. You will be directed to the Account Settings page.

2. Click the QUICKBOOKS SYNC option to access the Quickbooks Sync Settings page.

3. To start syncing your DesignFiles and Quickbooks, click the Connect to QuickBooks button.

4. You will be directed to the Intuit Sign In page. Enter your QuickBooks credentials:

  • Email or user ID

  • Password

    Note: if you have not created your QuickBooks account, you can create one using the Create an account link

5. After entering your QuickBooks credentials, click Sign In.

6. You will be directed to the Confirmation page wherein you will be asked to continue connecting DesignFiles with your Intuit QuickBooks account.

    Note: read the disclaimer and ensure understanding prior to proceeding.

7. Click Connect to continue.

8. You will be redirected to the DesignFile’s Quickbooks Sync Settings page and a confirmation message will appear indicating that your account is now connected to QuickBooks.

After connecting DesignFile to QuickBooks, your account is now ready to sync invoices. All future invoices will automatically sync. However, invoices created or submitted prior to the integration will not be synchronized automatically. If this happens, turn on the invoice’s Toggle icon to manually sync the invoice.

To learn more on how to integrate DesignFiles and QuickBooks, watch the video tutorial below:

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