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Invite Clients to Review the Design Boards and Leave Feedback
Invite Clients to Review the Design Boards and Leave Feedback
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In this article, you will learn how to invite clients to review the design boards and allow them to leave feedback. This procedure enables you to select one or more designs for your invitation using the display Toggle. When these toggles are enabled, the clients will have access to the enabled designs and allow them to leave feedback.

1. On the Menu, click Projects and select the project that you want to invite the clients from.

2. By default, the DESIGN BOARDS option is active. Ensure that the design boards are 100% complete and ready before you invite clients to review them.

3. For new projects use the Submit to Client button to send an invite via email to review the design board. The Submit Designs to Client window will appear.

  • Note: for existing clients, use the Re-Submit to Client button.

4. In the Email address field, enter the client(s) email address. You can send multiple client email addresses separated by commas.

5. In the Design Boards list, find the designs that you want to share and click its Toggle icon to turn them on. It is worth noting that the Toggle icon controls which designs are visible to the clients and which are not. If the Toggle is turned on, it means that the clients can view the design. If it is turned off, the design will be hidden from the clients.

  • Note: you can share all designs by selecting Share all designs Toggle icon.

6. In the Notes field, enter a custom or personal message to your client. Notes added in this field will appear in the email notification.

7. After selecting the designs to be reviewed by the client, select the preferred action:

  • Submit Designs to Client (No. of Designs): selecting this action will send the review invitation to the client.

  • Preview: selecting this action will open a Preview window wherein you can view what the client will see when they open the email.

After sending the invitation to the client, they will receive the invitation email asking them to view the project and review the designs.

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