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Add Markups and Adjust Pricing
Add Markups and Adjust Pricing
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In this article, you will learn how to add markups and adjust product pricing. This option enables you to manage price markups for the product and configure the product pricing.

1. On the Menu click Projects and ensure that the DESIGN BOARDS tab is selected. By default, the DESIGN BOARDS option is active when accessing the Projects menu.

2. In the DESIGN BOARDS page, select the design where the product that you want to update is added.

3. Scroll down and find the Product List panel. In this panel, you can view the list of products under the selected design board and manage each product’s configuration.

4. Find the product that you want to update and click its More Options Menu (...) icon and select Edit price.

5. The Set custom product price window will appear. Find the Markup field and enter/edit the preferred markup percentage. DesignFiles will automatically generate the calculated Client price’s field value. In addition, you can update the product pricing using the following fields:

  • Unit Price

  • Markup

  • Client price

Note: you can also add the product's custom URL in the Custom product url field.

6. After updating the markup and/or pricing, click Update Price to apply the changes. It is also worth noting that you can add mark-ups within the Quotes and Invoices pages.

To learn more on Adding Markups to Products, watch the video tutorial below:

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