Has your credit card recently changed or is expiring? You can update your credit card information using the link below to ensure your account remains active.

Here is an additional means of navigating to the link above from within your account. The Billing Information tab lets you add a new credit card number or update existing ones.

1. Find and click the Account Menu and select Settings. You will be directed to the Account Settings page.

 2. On this page, you can update your DesignFiles’ account details and configuration.

 3. Click the BILLING INFORMATION tab to access the billing information page.

 4. In the Credit Card Number field, enter your credit card number.

 5. In the Security Code field, enter your card’s Security Code or CVC number.

 6. In the Expiration Date field, enter your card’s expiration date in MM/YY format.

 7. Review the credit card information and click the Update Credit Card Information button to save the changes.

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