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Attaching Project Files (Documents, Invoices, etc.)
Attaching Project Files (Documents, Invoices, etc.)
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In this article, you will learn how to attach or upload project-related files. You can add and share documents, invoices, floorplans, and more with your client. The Attachments feature is compatible with the following formats:

  • jpg

  • png

  • gif

  • pdf

  • doc

  • xlsx

Follow the instructions below to upload new files to existing projects.

 1. On the Menu, click Projects and select the project where you want to add the attachments.

 2. Click MORE... to display more options and select ATTACHMENTS to open the Attach Additional Files window.

 3. In this window, you can view, download, and delete the attached files. All these files/documents are visible to your client. To attach new files, click the Upload New File button.
 5. The File Location (Open) window will appear. Find and select the file that you want to upload.

 6. After selecting the file, click Open. The selected file will appear in the list, to remove a file, click its Delete (Trash Bin)icon. You can click the X icon to close the Attach Additional Files window.

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