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Deleting a design board from a project
Deleting a design board from a project
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In this article, you will learn how to delete design boards from a project. It is worth noting that deleted design boards will no longer appear in your project and can’t be easily restored.

Deleting a design board will only remove it from the project but will not delete the entire project.

 1. On the Menu click Projects and select the project that you want to update. Ensure that the DESIGN BOARDS tab is selected.

  • Note: by default, the DESIGN BOARDS option is active when accessing the Projects menu.

 2. On the DESIGN BOARDS page, select the design that you want to delete.
 3. Click the More Options [...] icon to display more options and select Delete Design.

 4. A Confirmation dialog box will appear, click the Yes, Delete the Design button to continue deleting the selected design board.

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