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2D Design Board Editor Interface

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In this article, you will learn and understand the DesignFiles’ Moodboard / Roomboard Editor (previously known as Design Editor). This editor allows you to create visually stunning 2D & 3D concept boards under 20 minutes. It consists of 6 main parts with various useful features. We marked each part and described its functions so you will know where to find your desired option.

Access the Moodboard / Roomboard editor within the DESIGN BOARDS’ tab. You can either use the Add Design or Edit Design buttons to open the editor.

1. Design Board Actions Menu

The Design Board Actions menu provides options for you to choose whether to save the current design, undo/redo an action, or go back to the DesignFiles application.

2. Product, Paint & More Panels

The Product, Paint & More Panels contains the different design items and sources. You can choose products from the following tabs:

  • Products

  • Vendors

  • My Library

This panel lets you access more options that you can use to manage text, paint color, and a catalog of empty room samples. Open the relevant options by clicking the appropriate labels:

  • Text Library

  • Paint Color Library

  • Empty Room Library

3. Design Canvas

The Design Canvas displays the selected items/products. Drag and drop items from the Product, Paint & More panels, into this pane to create a design. This canvas gives you the freedom to move items, resize, or edit them using the Editing Toolbar.

4. Editing Toolbar

The Editing Toolbar enables you to edit the selected item from the Design Canvas. Use this toolbar to change the items’ layer or zoom in/out the canvass. You can also use additional options such as lock an item, delete or copy selected items.

5. Design Board Name / Total Budget

The Design Board Name / Total Budget bar displays the active design board’s name and the summed up prices of the selected products.

6. View Project Details (the questionnaire the client filled out)

The View Project Details link contains the questionnaire the client filled out. This serves as your guide as to what product to add and use as a reference when designing.

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