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Create your first project
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In this article, you will learn how to create a new project and familiarize the features and options included in the Projects menu.

 1. On the Menu, click Projects. After signing in to your account, the My Projects page is accessed by default.

 2. On the My Projects page, find and click the New Project button.

 3. The Name this project dialog box will appear. Enter the project name in the field and click the Create Project button.

 4. You will be directed to your new project’s DESIGN BOARDS tab. Initially, you can start with the following tasks:

  • Invite Client to Complete the Design Questionnaire

  • Create Design

  • Update Project Details Yourself

Note: click the links or button to perform the appropriate task.

 5. It is important to note that within the My Projects page, you can also manage the following:

  • Design Boards

  • Questionnaire

  • Quotes

  • Invoices

  • Purchase Orders

  • Trackers

  • Notes

  • Activity

  • Attachments (click MORE... to access the Attachments tab).

After creating the project and specifying its details, you start your designs using the Moodboard / Roomboard Editor for 2D designs or the Floorplan / 3D Renderer for 3D designs.

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