In this article, you will learn how to set up your design packages. This feature will allow you to customize your packages page and add the individual packages you will be offering.

 1. On the Menu, click Packages to open the Payments & Packages page.

 2. Find the Design Packages panel and click the Manage My Packages button.

 3. You will be directed to the Edit My Design Packages page. On this page, you can update the content and redesign the My Design Packages screen. You can do the following actions under this page:

  • Show phone number?: using the Toggle icon, you can show or hide your phone number.

  • Headers: customize your headers to grab potential clients’ attention.

  • CHANGE BACKGROUND: click this button to manage the My Design Packages page’s background. This would be a perfect place to showcase one of your best portfolio pieces.

  • Update Existing Design Packages: simply edit/update the desired design package by replacing the value of each design package panel.

  • Show questionnaire panel?: using the Toggle icon, you can show or hide the Design Questionnaire. You can update the content/description in this panel to entire potential clients.

 4. After updating the My Design Packages page, select the preferred action:

  • Cancel: selecting this action will revert all changes and will redirect you to the Payments & Packages page.

  • Preview Package Page: selecting this action will direct you to a Preview page wherein you can view what the client will see. To exit the Preview page, click the Exit Preview button.

  • Save Your Design Packages: selecting this action will save and create the design package(s).

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