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Easily Group and Find Products with Tags
Easily Group and Find Products with Tags
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Product tagging enables you to easily find and group products using tags (keywords). This saves valuable time when looking for products. Instead of manually looking for a product, you can use relevant keywords such as:

  • Name

  • Product style

  • Color

  • Fabric

  • Vendor

  • Manufacturer

  • Product Type

  • Etc.

The keywords indicated above are suggestions, there is no limit when using tags. So whether searching for a product in the Products library or when designing in the Editor, you can enter the product tags to search/filter products through the Search Bar.

Add Tags in the Edit Product Details

In this section, you will learn how to add tags to new and/or existing products using the Edit Product Details window. This window is accessible from My Library and within the Design Editor. 

 1. On the Menu, click Products to open the products library.

 2. Find the product that you want to add tags to and click its More Option icon [...] to access more options.

  • Note: you can use the Search field to filter by name, tag or product description. In addition, you can use the Product Filters to narrow your search. You can filter all products by project, vendor, or price. 

3. Click the Edit Product Details option to access the Edit Product Details window.
4. In this window, find the Tags field and enter the product tags. You can add multiple tags separated by commas.

 5. After adding the appropriate tags, click Save to update the product.

Browser Clipper

In this section, you will learn how to add tags to products when using the Browser Clipper feature.

 1. In an active Browser Clipper panel, specify other relevant information. See Using the Add to DesignFiles Product Clipper article to know more about the Browser Clipper.

 2. Scroll down and find the Tags field. Enter the product tags, you can add multiple tags separated by commas.

 3. Continue to specify the product information by either grabbing them using the Browser Clipper or manually entering them.
 4. After completing the product details, click Save Selected to complete the process.

For more information about product tagging, watch the Easily find items with tags video:

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